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miffy art parade
To celebrate 60 years of Miffy, 60 artists were each asked to decorate a 1.80 metre high statue of Miffy. Artists working in different disciplines drew their inspiration from the world of Miffy and the results are amazing! The Miffy Art Parade statues will be on display in various places in the Netherlands and Japan. Besides enabling people to enjoy the wonderful artwork, the parade, which will appeal to people of all ages, is intended to raise awareness that not all children have the same opportunities and access to education creates opportunities.
The Miffy Art Parade will conclude with an auction at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, with the statues being auctioned to raise money for UNICEF in support of education projects
The Miffy Art Parade is an initiative by Mercis bv and World of Delights, who are jointly organising the parade.
Mercis bv
Mercis bv was established to manage Dick Bruna s business interests and publish his books. The work of Dick Bruna and Mercis bv is based on the premise of respect for the world of the child and the desire to ensure that every child’s unique view of life is given the space it needs. This endeavour is underpinned by the core values of non-aggression, reliable quality, timelessness and non-controversy. The basic principle is to always give children room to use their own imagination. Mercis has been managing the copyrights to Dick Bruna s work worldwide since 1971 and is closely involved in the development of all products.

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World of Delights
World of Delights is a retail event specialist with stores in prime high-traffic locations, such as airports, major cities and tourist attractions. Together with its strategic partners, World of Delights develops store concepts and events for these locations.

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