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Barbara Wijnveld

Barbara Wijnveld (1972) is visual artist who studied at the Arnhem Institute of the Arts (now part of ArtEZ) and De Ateliers in Amsterdam, among other places. Her oeuvre consists of paintings, drawings, installations, films and more. She likes to paint black lines that come alive through contact with other lines of paint. Together these lines form a drawing or portrait.

Barbara Wijnveld works with heavily diluted red, blue and yellow acrylic paint. As she constructs a painting with transparent layers of primary colour, the layers of block colour create accidental runs, new colours, new shapes and volume. All of these elements combine to create a coherent painting.
Barbara Wijnveld’s Miffy statue is called Honeybun, a title that refers to Barbara Bear’s seven freckles in the book boris and barbara by Dick Bruna. The seven freckles are also incorporated in her artwork on the statue. ‘I think Dick Bruna’s drawings are wonderful. They are beautifully rounded, strong and intelligent. I love the subtle details that complete his drawings and make them come to life. As far as I am concerned, this is what makes his drawings remarkable and instantly recognisable. They are sincere, exhilarating and vibrant all at the same time. By concentrating on the seven freckles and regarding them as a unique physical characteristic that is said to be one of the seven marks of beauty, I came up with the idea of presenting my Miffy as a classical bust. Honeybun is a term used to describe a sweetheart who matters so much to you that you want to have a bust of her. Because you think she merits it, like the great composers and philosophers, for example. You would do the craziest things for your sweetheart, so she notices you, or, better still, falls in love with you.’