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Bunpei Yorifuji

Bunpei Yorifuji (1973) is an art director and graphic designer. He studied in the Department of Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University but did not complete his degree. In 1998 he set up the Yorifuji Design Studio, followed two years later by Bunpei Limited Company. He is best known as the art director of advertisements that feature his own unique illustrations. He also designs and illustrates books and writes and creates his own books.

He likens his approach to gardening. That is to say, he views the design process as being like the earth in his garden in which different trees grow. In this case the trees are advertisements, book designs and illustrations. The trees influence each other and he tries to find similarities that connect them. He draws his inspiration from philosophy, history and logic and endeavours to create logical depictions and universal expressions that can be appreciated by everyone. He tries to find ways of conveying abstract ideas using visual communication that is easy to understand.

His humorous Do It At Home poster campaign for the Tokyo metro is especially famous. It is designed to raise public awareness by showing passengers engaging in unwanted behaviour, such as using their mobile phones. The many accolades he has received for his work include the Tokyo Art Directors Club Award, the Japan Typography Association Grand Prix Award and the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award.
Learning with Miffy
The title of his statue is Learning with Miffy. ‘I wanted to create a gift – a perspective I want to impart to children. On one ear you see the mantle, crust and atmosphere of the earth. On the other there is a proportional representation of the elements that form the earth. The head is a three-dimensional pie chart that shows the distribution of the world population in the form of a globe. On the body you can see the ratio of men and women throughout the world. Rather than picturing the world in terms of pie charts, bar graphs and line diagrams, I would like people to see the world through this Miffy statue decorated in Dick Bruna colours.’