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Carli Hermès

Carli Hermès (1963) is a photographer. He studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and the Bournemouth School of Arts (now Arts University Bournemouth). His advertising campaigns for brands such as Martini, Philips, Nike, Suitsupply and KLM have earned him widespread international recognition. He works for various leading fashion magazines and has shot portraits of many celebrities. He has also developed visual campaigns for charitable organisations such as Oxfam Novib. Carli Hermès currently divides his time between commissioned and non-commissioned photography and directing commercials and videos for brands such as PlayStation, Suitsupply and the World Wide Fund for Nature.
When he received his Miffy statue, Carli Hermès decided to stay true to his own style, which involves projecting images and patterns on live models. He started projecting different coloured geometric shapes on the Miffy statue with the intention of reproducing them in paint. ‘The moment I projected in gold, I realised that Miffy had to be gold from head to toe. I worked with art director and visual designer, Jeroen Echter, to make this idea a reality. Because I wanted to add a touch of glamour, we decided to apply dozens of layers of gold glitter in different thicknesses in order to create a perfect second skin for Miffy. This resulted in Sunshine.’