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Chantal Spit

Chantal Spit (1971) is a visual artist who studied at the AKI Academy for Art and Industry in Enschede (now part of ArtEZ) and the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam among other places. She paints works in which human beings, mainly children, play the leading role. She endeavours to convey what moves her through her depiction of the lives of others.

She extracts elements from her own photographs and photographs she finds in magazines or online and uses them to compose new images. This manipulation of visual elements enables her to create a new narrative that is entirely her own. The visual elements that form the narrative are taken out of their original context and incorporated in her perceptual world. She does this in an attempt to activate the viewer’s memory and perception, which are then fed by her own personal frame of reference. This enables her to form a connection with the viewer without imposing her own perceptions. The people portrayed in her paintings are often depicted from an unusual vantage point and frequently appear to be lost in thought. This infuses much of her work with a sense of melancholy.
‘I decorated Miffy with visual elements from my everyday life and my paintings. So the statue became a kind of diary. My hope is that viewers will read my Miffy statue Snippets like a book and use the visual elements to create their own narrative.’