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Charlotte Dematons

Charlotte Dematons (1957) is an illustrator. Her strikingly detailed illustrations often have a fairytale quality about them. She has illustrated some 350 books and published more than ten of her own. Her best-known books are the Brothers’ Grimm Fairytale collection, The Yellow Balloon, Sinterklaas and Holland. Charlotte Dematons was born and completed her secondary education in France, before moving to the Netherlands, where she studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, specialising in illustration and design.

Having spent her childhood in France, she did not grow up with Miffy. But she made sure that her daughter did, because Charlotte Dematons believes Miffy should be part of every child’s cultural heritage. So a miniature Miffy also features in her picture book Holland.
oma nijn
Charlotte Dematons first wanted to let Miffy simply be Miffy, but in the end she decided to do something different. Of her statue oma nijn [Grandma Miffy] she says: ‘It’s time for her to wear a little cardigan, because that little red dress is not really warm enough when it’s cold in the Netherlands. A little cardigan with lots of Dutch motifs is just the thing! I have replaced all of the human figures that normally appear in these motifs with Miffys: 60 in total to be precise!’