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Emilio Kruithof

Emilio Kruithof (1969) is an artist. He studied at the School of Fine Art and Design|St.Joost in Breda (now AKV|St.Joost) and graduated in 1995. He is famous for his painted portraits of women, a style he himself defines as erotic minimalism.

Initially, he drew most of his inspiration from photographs of women on record sleeves and in magazines. He was struck by the colours of their make-up and lingerie and these are the colours he puts on his palette. The beauty of the subject and material are at the heart of Emilio Kruithof’s work. At the same time, as an artist, he is always seeking new interpretations of beauty and aesthetics. The women in his portraits look away or flirt with the viewer. The scenes he depicts are explicitly non-political and have no other message. He allows the viewer to experience their own spontaneous emotional response to the depicted image.
‘Miffy helped me rediscover myself. For my Miffy statue Wallflower, all I needed was my paint. It did the work for me! I felt like a make-up artist. It was a delightful experience.’