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Hans van Bentem

Hans van Bentem (1965) is an artist. He trained at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and graduated in 1988. Most of his early work was produced in the form of paintings, but he subsequently became proficient in a range of other materials, including crystal, wood, porcelain, ceramic and bronze, with which he creates sculptures and installations.

His work incorporates influences from all corners of the globe, which makes for an exciting and eclectic oeuvre. His work consists of monumental objects: porcelain, bronze and crystal sculptures for interior and exterior spaces. He uses traditional and precious materials to create contemporary icons that are the symbols of our time. Valuable and durable items that appeal to a wide audience. Objects that are destined to become the antiques of the future.
Of his Miffy statue Gothic, Hans van Bentem says: ‘My Miffy is a gothic Miffy, inspired by a striking subculture that has survived for many years: one that arises from a fascination with the darker side of life. However, Goth outfits are often worn to create an intimidating appearance that conceals a vulnerable sensitivity. Gothic is a delicate little bunny wearing dark clothing, piercings and form soles that cause her to tower over her peers!’