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Hibino Kodue

Kodue Hibino (1958) is a costume artist. She studied at Tokyo University of the Arts, where she specialised in Visual Transfer Design. Since her debut in 1988, she has been designing costumes inspired by a unique artistic vision that differs from conventional fashion design. In addition to creating costumes, she works in a range of areas including magazines, posters, television commercials, theatre, dance, ballet and films. Her output is very diverse: she designs sets for television and scenography and also develops products. Nature is her main source of inspiration. She has organised various exhibitions and has won numerous awards for her work.
piece of peace
The title of her Miffy statue is piece of peace. ‘I discovered that the simple lines that depict Miffy are not straight lines: Dick Bruna creates a line on the page by adding the paint bit by bit. In my own work I use a variety of fabrics to make dresses. The remaining pieces of fabric are precious to me, so every month I hold a workshop for children and adults who turn the remnants into little creatures with needle and thread. Each piece of fabric is imbued with the soul of the person who works on it. My Miffy statue is wrapped in these little pieces of fabric, which are like quiet little thoughts that spread the message of peace through their connection with Miffy.’