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Hugo Kaagman

Hugo Kaagman (1955) is the artist who pioneered street art in the Netherlands. He has been working as a graffiti artist since the 1970s. His skilful use of stencils led him to be nicknamed the Stencil King. He has since created a vast and multifaceted oeuvre, ranging from paintings, ceramics and clothing to walls, tunnels, tower blocks, buses, boats, trains and aircrafts. He still works with stencils and collage and uses decorative patterns to keep forming new connections and developing new ways of seeing.

His work is a blend of western, non-western, civic, artisan, modern and avant-garde elements. It is a taunting and critical reflection that respects the artistic aspect of artisan work. Using markings ranging from zebra stripes to the distinctive Blue Delftware patterns, his aim is to modernise tradition for the future.
Blue Miffy
‘The title of my Miffy is Blue Miffy. She is decorated in the stencil style that is characteristic of my work.’