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Jacques Tange

Jacques Tange (1960) is an artist. He trained at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam (now the Willem de Kooning Academy) and has been working as a full-time visual artist for 25 years. He was originally inspired by the illuminated manuscripts produced in the Middle Ages, but over the years he has become more preoccupied with contemporary issues, such as urbanisation, relationships and the place that people occupy in today’s world.

One of the most striking aspects of his work as an artist is his versatility. As well as producing immediately recognisable colourful paintings, pastel drawings and lithograph prints, he also works in other materials, such as bronze, polyester resin, ceramics and glass. He also writes poetry. His work is displayed in leading galleries and art collections in the Netherlands and other countries.
Dick Pluis, een ijzeren formule
‘Dick Bruna and Miffy have literally become one in my statue Dick Pluis, een ijzeren formule [Dick Bunny, a cast-iron formula].’