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Jo Nagasaka

Jo Nagasaka (1971) is an architect. After gaining a degree in architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tokyo University of the Arts, he immediately set up his own design studio, Schemata Architects. In 2007 he formed Happa, a collaborative agency that shares a gallery, shop and other facilities.

He is involved in a wide range of activities in the fields of architectural, interior and furniture design. His work is influenced by his interest in finding modern solutions that enable the reuse of discarded objects. He does this by pioneering innovative ‘repurposing’ techniques. In 2012 he started designing a series of Udukuri Flat Tables for the British design firm Established & Sons. The manufacturing process involves removing the softer fibres in the grain of the wood, which exaggerates the complex structure of the Douglas fir timber. Coloured epoxy resin is then poured onto the uneven surface to create a smooth finish.

Jo Nagasaka’s projects range from large installations and interactive interiors to small products. Irrespective of the scale on which he works, he regards all of his designs as one-on-one versions. He works in various fields in Japan and other countries. In 2007 he won second prize at the International Bauhaus Awards for Sayama Flat, a ground-breaking renovation project in Japan.
Inside of Miffy
The title of his statue is Inside of Miffy. ‘I am always inclined to work spatially. So I approached the Miffy statue as a self-contained space and created my design accordingly.’