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Klaas Gubbels

Klaas Gubbels (1934) is one of Holland’s most notable contemporary artists. In the 1950s he trained as an advertisement painter at the Technical College in Rotterdam. He also followed an evening course at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam (now the Willem de Kooning Academy), studied at the Art College in Arnhem (now part of ArtEZ) and took evening classes in sculpting.

He uses his chosen subject as a means of expression and explores emotions and underlying feelings, poetry, humour, aggression and boredom. Still life renditions of tables and chairs and – above all – his famous coffee pots are recurring elements in his work. This self-imposed limitation in subject matter is an essential aspect of his work, made all the more fascinating by the multitude of techniques he uses to depict his subject.

Although traditionally conversant with drawing, painting and graphic design techniques, Klaas Gubbels also uses a variety of other methods, such as photography, collage, assemblage, objets trouvés and glass and metal sculpture. He has also designed theatre sets. Several major museums in the Netherlands, including the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, have added his work to their permanent collection. His works are also included in many corporate collections.
Canto Ostinato
The title of his Miffy statue is Canto Ostinato. ‘I admire Dick Bruna and am delighted to be involved in this project. There is some similarity between my work and the work of Dick Bruna in that we both choose to confine ourselves to two dimensions. My Miffy statue is inspired by a painting I did with the same title.’