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Madelon Bruna

Madelon Bruna (1961) is an artist. She studied Fashion at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, specialising in pattern design, and graduated in 1989. She then set up her own studio in Utrecht, where she worked on commission, designing patterns for clothing and interiors and screen printing the patterns on fabric. After about 8 years she moved out of the city because she had since given birth to two daughters and longed for a garden. She converted the garage of her new home into a studio where she now designs commissioned jewellery and gives workshops.

Colours play an important role in her work and she enjoys mastering all kinds of different techniques. She herself designs everything she makes.
nijntjes bloemen
Her father, Dick Bruna, has always been there in the background. Whenever she finished working on a design she would ask his opinion. The two are very close, not only because Dick Bruna is an excellent teacher, but also because he is a loving father. ‘It was a tremendous honour to be asked to decorate the large Miffy statue in my own way. I wanted to pay tribute to Miffy, so I covered her in flowers.’ The title of her Miffy statue is nijntjes bloemen [Miffy’s flowers].