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Makoto Kagoshima

Makoto Kagoshima (1967) is an artist. After graduating from art academy, he spent several years working in the corporate sector. He started producing ceramics in 2002. He creates crockery, vases and other items painted with decorative designs and patterns. Each piece is made by hand and is absolutely unique. He draws his inspiration from everyday life and incorporates lots of animals and flowers in his designs.

Besides decorating ceramics, he creates designs for textiles, paper and wall decorations. He also produces designs for other companies, such as Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu (traditional canvas bags), Kamisoe (handmade paper) and Box and Needle (paper). He works in partnership with Gustavsberg in Sweden (cups, dishes and plates), Lapuan Kankurit in Finland (textiles) and Dosa in the United States (apparel). As a commission, together with Kei Maeda he designed the Kukinta paper for the Box and Needle paper store. Each sheet is hand printed on traditional Japanese washi paper in the Yuzen Paper Studio in Kyoto. His work has been exhibited on several occasions both in Japan and other countries.
nijntje in jurk
The title of Makoto Kagoshima’s Miffy statue is nijntje in jurk [Miffy in dress]. 'My little niece Miffy is wearing a dress made of fabric designed by her uncle, the artist. Rather than focusing on a motif, design or decoration, I used Dick Bruna’s technique of painting a ‘living’ black line. Not a straight line, but a line painted bit by bit so it has a quiver in it. When I picked out the colours in an art supplies store, I had a Miffy picture book in mind.’