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Marte Röling

Marte Röling (1939) studied at the Rijksakademie voor beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam and emerged as an extremely versatile artist. She creates massive monumental paintings and sculptures and gained widespread fame for her official portraits of Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus. She wanted to work on a monumental scale from a young age. Among other things, her oeuvre includes sculptures, glass appliqués, ceiling paintings and stage sets. Her work is widely represented in public, corporate and private collections.
Gouden nijntje
Of her Gouden nijntje [Golden Miffy] Marte Röling says: ‘Miffy is a wonderful character, who is dearly loved by each new generation. Because she is such an icon and such a pure design, after picturing Miffy in fur coats, with curls, chains, false eyelashes, flowers and lots of earrings (all around her long ears!), I decided to pay tribute to Miffy’s simplicity and perfection by clothing her in the most exquisite gold leaf. I often use gold in my sculptures because it has qualities that are beyond compare.’