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Piet Paris

Piet Paris (1962) is regarded as one of the most influential fashion illustrators of our time. He studied at the School of the Arts in Arnhem (now part of ArtEZ). His recognisable style has been embraced by international magazines and companies all over the world for more than 25 years. His work is defined by distinctively powerful lines. His graphic images are hand drawn rather than computer-aided. Piet Paris has won various awards and his work is featured in important standard works on fashion illustration.

In 2011 he worked on the nijntje in de mode [Miffy in Fashion] exhibition at the Dick Bruna House, which is part of the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. In the book of the same title published to coincide with the exhibition he wrote: ‘Dick Bruna's work represents what I find important in a drawing: the line, the negative space and the colour. The perfect Piet Paris line is made from stacking up sketch lines, which fuse into a single line. I share Dick Bruna’s fascination for the hand-drawn line. The negative spaces in his images are also a great example for me. I possibly find the negative space in a composition more important than the image itself. Another important characteristic of a Dick Bruna illustration for me is his use of colours. His colours communicate information clearly: a roof is red, the grass is green. I love creating the optimal effect with minimal means.’
De feestjurk
The title of the Piet Paris Miffy statue is De feestjurk [The Party Dress]. ‘Miffy has a wardrobe full of clothes. The dress on this statue is a combination of several special creations in her wardrobe.’