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The People of the Labyrinths

The People of the Labyrinths (POTL) is a Dutch brand and fashion label launched by Hans Démoed (1959) and Geert de Rooij (1959) in 1984 after they graduated from the Fashion department of the School of the Arts in Arnhem (now part of ArtEZ). From the start the label specialised in the use of hand-painted and screen-printed fabrics. Hand printing and striking graphic images inspired by art, culture, history, nature and science give each garment a unique signature.

The duo’s shared fascination with ancient and modern labyrinths, which range from mazes to microchips and fingerprints, forms the inspiration for their work. The labyrinth is also a metaphor for an increasingly complex society that is both inaccessible and elusive. In this context POTL stands for simplicity, magical colours and uniquely crafted creations. POTL has also made a name for itself in the fields of interior design, art and photography.
The title of their Miffy statue is Diamonddust: ‘60 years of Miffy and Diamonds Are Forever. A flourish of diamonds was the first thing that came to our POTL minds when we saw the giant Miffy. We wanted to use diamonds to give this little girl, who still looks so young, a glamorous look. The dazzling shine and glitter of the diamond dust will simply increase her worldwide fan base in the decades to come.’

Diamonddust is sponsored by Gassan Diamonds.