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Saskia Pfaeltzer

Saskia Pfaeltzer (1955) studied at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam and has been working as a visual artist for more than 35 years. In her art she creates a world all of her own, full of movement, dance, theatre and imagination. Her work has frequently been exhibited in the Netherlands and other countries and her commissioned and self-initiated sculptures have found their way all over the world.

Saskia Pfaeltzer is never short of inspiration. Every day she pursues her ideas in materials such as wax, clay, bronze, plaster, epoxy resin and even polystyrene. In her ‘outdoor studio’ near Mol in Belgium she carves sculptures in Belgian hard stone. In her studio in Amsterdam she draws and paints. She also spends two months of every year in the famous porcelain region in the province of Jiangxi near Shanghai in China, where she experiments with locally sourced porcelain. ‘There’s no telling how a piece of work will emerge from the kiln. The structure of the surface is always different, with wonderful unique irregularities. The colours are also unpredictable. There are often explosions of different blues and whites and flames in the clay. No matter whether I’m working in bronze, stone or porcelain, I never create a completely smooth finish. That makes for a lovely lively surface and allows me to choose different techniques.’
Her book, Spinoza’s achtbaan [Spinoza’s Roller Coaster], an illustrated story of the life and work of the Dutch philosopher Spinoza, with text by Erik Bindervoet, was recently released. The book provided the inspiration for her Miffy statue, Spinijntje [Spinoza Miffy]. ‘My blue and white Spinoza paintings on the Miffy statue make her look as if she is made of porcelain. The combination of Miffy and Spinoza as quintessential Dutch icons resulted in a surprising statue.’