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Toshiyuki Fukuda

Toshiyuki Fukuda (1967) is an illustrator. After being awarded a degree in Graphic Design by the Design Department of Osaka University of Arts he moved to Tokyo, where he focused primarily on creating graphic designs for printing while continuing to develop and perfect his own style. His approach to illustration has always remained the same.

His illustrations tend to be populated by animals and are printed in magazines, on book covers, in advertisements, on CD and album covers, in picture books, on fabrics and on other products. His books include Fukuda no foto-e [The Fukuda Photobook], Minika – myuto daikatsuyaku [Little Car Goes on a Big Adventure], Minna neteiru [Everyone is Sleeping] written by Hiroshi Nagai, Foto-e de asobo [Fun with Photographs and Images!] and Baby Book written by Satoshi Fujimoto. He recently launched his own textile brand, Tenp. He generates inspiration by travelling and sleeping.

His approach to illustration is quite systematic. First he applies tissue paper to canvas with gel to create texture. Then he coats the tissue paper with white gesso (a kind of primer) to form the surface he wants to work on. Then he paints the illustration using acrylics and gouache, applying pastel colours to depict shadow. The use of this collage technique means that it is always a challenge to find the right balance in the illustration. Lastly he seals the canvas with a varnish, using a solution of instant coffee or sometimes even soy sauce. His pictures invoke a happy feeling of nostalgia.
The title of his Miffy statue is Entrance. ‘I always perceive a kind of calm philosophical attitude in Miffy. I tried to depict this feeling using my own techniques. Rather than entering the room, this time I produced a drawing while observing from the entrance. While this is not really a determining factor, somehow it lent itself to the title.’