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Tsuneo Goda

Tsuneo Goda (1967) is an animation creator. He studied Arts and Crafts at Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School and graduated from the Japan Academy of Moving Images. After working for an advertising production company for several years, in 1996 he joined the Creative Department of TYO Productions Inc., where he refined his skills as a director of commercials, developing a range of styles. In 1999 he designed the mascot character Domo for Japan’s national public broadcasting organisation NHK. From then on, he turned his attention to the world of animation and characters. In 2003 he founded the character and animation studio dwarf.

He specialises in stop-motion animation and produces work for both short and full-length animation films, commercials and picture books. His own childhood memories are his main source of inspiration. His animation Komaneko – The First Step won the Excellence Award for Animation at the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2003. He also won the Comic-Con International Inkpot Award in 2011 and his film Bokumokuma won the Best Children's Short Award at the Sapporo Fest International Short Film Festival in 2012. In 2014 the remarkable By Your Side project that he worked on together with the singer Sade for the Zapuni 311 Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Project was shown at the Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival (UK) and among the finalists at the Animagic Musical Animation Film Festival (France).
Small Miffy
The title of his statue is Small Miffy. ‘I usually work with 25 cm puppets in a miniature set. I wondered whether it would be possible to make the 180 cm Miffy statue seem smaller. A bit like the idea that the soft toys that children cuddle could suddenly become much larger. Or that people could suddenly become much smaller. When I’m standing in front of a miniature set, I sometimes wish that the camera and the people really could be smaller. That’s easy to imagine. In creating a ‘small’ big Miffy, I wanted to pay tribute to Mr Bruna and dear little Miffy who is so fantastic. That was my aim.’