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Education can end the vicious circle of poverty. It enables children to realise their potential and contributes to the development of society. Good quality education opens up a future with more opportunities and conveys knowledge that can be imparted to the next generation. UNICEF, the world's leading children's rights organisation, is committed to making quality education available to all children, because a good education enables children to make a difference.
Education is a universal human right. Yet, worldwide there are more than 58 million children who do not go to primary school. UNICEF considers this to be unacceptable and is committed to making quality education available to all children.

UNICEF can help on a massive scale. Through its UN mandate and extensive cooperation with other agencies, UNICEF is able to reach millions of children across countries and regions. UNICEF helps governments develop education policies and urges them to improve access to and quality of education. Among other things, UNICEF lobbies for free primary education. UNICEF also helps raise the standard of education by training teachers and improving teaching methods and materials. In crisis situations UNICEF creates (temporary) schools and distributes educational materials.

UNICEF relies on the support of dedicated partners, volunteers and donors. In celebrating 60 years, Miffy is actively supporting this cause: the proceeds from the auction of the Miffy Art Parade statues will be donated to UNICEF in support of education projects. Together we are working to provide better education for all children.
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